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Plant & Herbal Extraction

Bench-scale solvent extraction process for sample preparation using water, alcohols (ethanol, methanol, butanol, etc.) and other solvents (acetone, acetonitrile, hexane, etc.)

Methods available:

Maceration, Decoction, Reflux, Soxhlet, Ultrasound-assisted & Microwave-assisted.

Drying process available:

Freeze-dry & Spray-dry

Chemical, Phytochemical & Antioxidant Analysis

Analysis that we provide includes (but not limited to):


Total phenolic content (TPC)

Total Flavonoid Content (TFC)

Total Tannin Content (TTC)

Antioxidant test by DPPH, ABTS, Ferric reducing power & β-carotene bleaching activit

In-Vitro Enzymatic Reaction Test

Assays that we provide includes (but not limited to):

α-Amylase inhibition

β-Glucosidase inhibition

Tyrosinase inhibition

Collagenase inhibition

Elastase inhibition

Hyaluronidase inhibition

In-Vitro Cell-Based Assay

Assays that we provide includes (but not limited to):

Cytotoxicity assay on normal & cancerous cell lines.

Wound-healing activity.

Anti-obesity activity.

Melanin production activity.

Collagen production activity.

Microbiology Test

Microbiology tests that we provide includes (but not limited to):

Total yeast & mold count

Escherichia coli


Staphylococcus aureus

Propionibacterium acnes

Staphylococcus epidermidis

Molecular Assay

Assays that we provide includes:

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

Western Blot


Polymerase Chain Reaction

Nanocarrier Formulation & Characterization


Liposome, Niosome, Solid-Lipid Nanoparticle (SLN), Nano-structured Lipid Carrier (NLC).


Particle Size, Polydispersity Index, Encapsulation Efficiency, Drug Loading, Morphology, Stability & Permeation Study.

Product Formulation R&D

Process includes:

Raw material sourcing.

In-Vitro efficacy study.

Product formulation.

Stability study.

Prototype development.

Training & Coaching

Basic Course in:

Cell & Tissue Culture

Western Blot


Animal Study

Nanocarrier Formulation

Product Formulation


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Johor, Malaysia.

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